About Me

I am Andrew Hassan. I'm currently a fourth-year Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Through the co-op program at UW, I've had the privilege to work at many different companies to expand my software engineering skills. Combining my experience with the theory taught in school, I've been able to complete some pretty ambitious projects (see below).

Aside from school and work, I like to game (I'm both a PC and console gamer), play music (I DJ as a hobby and play piano), or drool over the latest cars.


Over the course of the co-op program, I've built my engineering skillset up and have worked on a bunch of cool projects over the years. Below is a gallery of a few of my past projects.

Realtime Web Application to Monitor and Analyze Remote Sensor Data
Wiki-Walk: Wikipedia Traversal
Raspberry Pi Router


Coming soon!

Contact Information & Resume

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